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Unique Fabricating
UFAB is a leader in the engineering and manufacture of multi-material foam, rubber, and plastic components utilized in noise, vibration and harshness, acoustical management, water and air sealing, decorative and other functional applications within the North American automotive and heavy-duty truck markets. UFAB manufactures out of ten facilities.

Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Add-on Acquisitions:
Intasco USA (April 2016)
Great Lake Foam Technologies (August 2015)
Chardan (February 2014)
PrescoTech Industries (December 2013)

Co-Investor: Peninsula Capital

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Auto & Industrial Component Manufacturer


BG Staffing
BG Staffing is a temporary staffing platform that has aggregated several regional staffing brands including LTN Staffing, Milwaukee Temps, JNA Staffing, and BG Personnel, and is set to achieve scalable growth. LTN Staffing, Milwaukee Temps and JNA Staffing provide temporary employees for companies requiring light industrial and assembly workers in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin markets. BG Personnel is the dominant provider of front office and maintenance personnel to the multifamily industry in the state of Texas, with branch operations in Dallas, Arlington, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Add-on Acquisitions:
InStaff Holding Corporation (May 2013)
American Partners Inc (December 2012)
Extrinsic (December 2011)
JNA Staffing (December 2011)
BG Personnel Services (May 2010)

Co-Investors: Calvert Street Capital Partners & Brookside Pecks Capital Partners

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