Our Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in manufacturing, business services and consumer products companies throughout the United States. We seek to make platform investments in businesses with a strong market position and sustainable competitive advantage, operating in industries that are positioned to grow, both organically or through consolidation. Our investments have supported full change-of-control transactions, management buyouts, corporate divestitures and partial ownership recapitalizations. We look to support strong management teams and believe that alignment of interest is fundamental to successful partnerships. Prior to our investment, many of our portfolio companies were family owned businesses where the existing management team continued to operate the company following the transaction. We have significant flexibility in the types and structures of our investments with the ability to fund quickly.

Operating Support
We strive to form a true collaborative partnership with management teams and do not look to control the day-to-day operations of the business but provide resources to support management in developing, implementing and executing the company’s strategy. We bring a diverse pool of operating and general management resources that can be utilized by portfolio companies as needed. We offer a seamless transition with autonomy for managers while providing continuous support for the management team with corporate, strategic and financial assistance.

Our goal is focused on building long term value of our portfolio companies. We want to partner with management to grow and improve the business over the long term and do not focus on financial engineering as a means of value creation. To this end, we look to bring any essential resources to facilitate this goal. We finance growth organically and through add-on acquisitions.

Investment Proposals

Taglich Private Equity welcomes proposals from owners, intermediaries, management teams and shareholders. See our Investment Criteria for further details on the types of companies we are looking to acquire.

Please refer investment proposals to:

William Cooke

Phone: 212-661-0936 ext.315

Email: cooke@taglichbrothers.com